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How about some news!

We keep in touch as best we can with our scholarship winners and here's some news on the success they are having!

Remember Aidan K?.. Our 2021 winner?.. In December of 2024 he will be graduating a semester early from Johnson & Wales with his Bachelor's in Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship, that on top of an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from JWU. His career starts in January, good luck Aidan!

How about our friend Francisco V, who won our 2023 award?.. He's focused on a dual major consisting of a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship at Johnson & Wales University, all while working at The Westin Seattle as a Food & Beverage Supervisor Intern. That's a full plate, good luck Francisco.

This year there will be a new success story, but only if we can get help. Please visit the main page and donate so we can continue to encourage talent and success.

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